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icon-image Visa services

Visa is requirement for any expat to enter UAE legally and be employed. Government of UAE issues various kinds of visas to name a few:
Visit Visa
Employment Visa
Mission Visa
Investor Visa etc.
As an investor establishing business in UAE you need an investor visa and your employees will need an employment or work visa. Visa is generally issued by the Ministry of Interior and the work permit is authorized by the Ministry of Labor. As recognized entity by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Labor Midtownsurf is able to seamlessly take care of your visa requirement be it any type.

icon-image PRO Services

Documentation and licensing are part and parcel of any business to legally operate in any country. To take care of your Company License, Establishment Card, Clearance and Approvals Department of Economic Development, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Labor, Immigration, Roads and Transport Authority, General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs etc. we have PRO (Public Relations Officer) services. They are the people who are authorized to deal with all government related documentation and approvals on behalf of the company. Midtownsurf has in-house PROs who have years of experience in carrying out such services. Midtown surf is veteran and endowed team of marketing consultants. We have helped our clients grow their business and profits. Though our methods are complex, our goal is simple: we want to help you sell your product to more customers."

icon-image UAE Trade Licences

Government of UAE thoroughly keeps a check on the validity of every business done here. As a first step to this every establishment is issued with a trade license by the Department of Economic Development. This license is generally valid for a period of one year and is renewed every year. This document empowers you to carry on with your business as approved by the authorities. The government conducts a vetting process by closely examining all the documents produced by the prospective investor and on satisfactory compliance the Trade License is issued and this has to be mandatorily displayed at a prominent location at the premises of the company.

icon-image Dissolution Services:

In the event of a decision to dissolve the company for whatsoever reason and come unsoiled through the measures involved Midtownsurf can assist you with qualified business professionals. This necessitates the cancellation of the trade license, paying off its employees in line with the prevalent company regulations in the UAE. As a service provider it shall be our responsibility to ensure every procedure in the book is followed to abrogate the establishment.

icon-image Translation

The official language of UAE is Arabic. All the legal documents need to be in Arabic as in case of any dispute what is written in Arabic prevails. English is used side by side to assist the non-Arabic speaker. This entails translation of all documents in English and vice versa. We provide this service to our clients and thus they do not have to find another vendor to do this for them and of course at a competitive price.

icon-image Office Space

With the intent to keep your costs low at the outset of your business in the UAE we can provide you with an office space as per your requirement at a reasonable cost. By this service you are able to by-pass the onerous task of finding an office, getting the documentation, approvals etc. This saves you enormous amount of time and money and gets you started at the earliest. You have the option to modify the interiors according to your wish and we are here to get it organized for you. In a nut shell we are the complete solution for your office set up enquiries .

icon-image Company Services

Trade license cancellation is the most important part of company liquidation in Dubai or UAE. Companies need to liquidate when they do not have enough funds to continue daily operations, to pay their employees or service their debt. Liquidation also becomes inevitable when a company commits a serious offense or corporate fraud and UAE business regulatory agencies begin investigating and find violations, or when the company gets a legal notice that affects its regular operations.

icon-image Industrial Trade Licences

Manufacturing enterprises and industrial companies are required to have an industrial/manufacturing license to operate in United Arab Emirates. An Industrial Trade License is issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) of the Finance and Industry Ministry, along with approvals from various other judiciaries. These Industrial License in Dubai is valid for a definite period of time subject to compliance with the conditions mentioned during the issuance. However, it needs to be registered under Chambers of Commerce and Industry.